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At Frank-n-Sign we want to help you create a sign that will leave a lasting impression and attract new customers and increase your revenue.  Our team works hard to build and install the best sign for you and your business.  We strive to provide customized, attractive , and affordable signs to tri state areas. 


When you want a company to help reach your business’ marketing potential then Frank-n-Sign is the company to help you.  We offer design, production, assembly as well as installation and maintenance.  Our trained installers are dedicated to properly and quickly getting the job completed.  Not only do we perform maintenance on signs we build and install but we also service signs installed by other companies.  We service any sign from replacing broken faces to updating to new Led technologies. 

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Do you want your home or business to show your American pride?  Well then let us install a flagpole and provide you with your American flag.  We sell and install all sizes of both commercial and residential flagpoles as well as sell any type and size of custom flags.


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Do you want to attract new customers and generate new revenue with eye catching designs?  Let us install sparking metallic streamers to create a strong visual to guarantee your business won't be missed.  

Streamers and banners are great ways to promote sales, special events or just great attention getters 

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